A+ Orals Seminars
Better presentations & increased confidence for all students

Seminars to assist students to improve their oral assignments....in every subject - all year.
The preparation and presentation of oral assignments is an area where many students feel challenged - and where many teachers struggle to find the techniques and the time to help them give of their best. 

The A+ Orals series of seminars is designed to overcome this hurdle. We come to your school and speak to the students about the advantages of excelling in this area - both at school and for the rest of their lives. 

We will also share with them the secrets of a successful oral assignment - practical, relevant tips and techniques designed especially for their year level.

  • Proven techniques

  • Exercises that build student confidence    

The advantages for teachers:
Experienced speakers will demonstrate the correct delivery techniques and the mistakes most students make. This gives teachers a 'reference model' for the rest of the year.

Students will be introduced to impromptu speaking exercises that can be continued in the classroom.

Information sheets, exercises and worksheets are available for all the areas covered. The seminars are available in one hour or half-day formats for small to large groups - either during class time or after school. 

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