Business Communication

Business Communication

These skills are applicable when speaking to clients, peers, management and staff, either in a group or a one-on-one situation.

Our training is offered as both customised ‘in-house’ programs and public courses.

Storytelling for Business

Storytelling is one of the most important skills for a communicator in today’s business world. Why are stories so effective in communicating with staff, clients, colleagues and the community?

  • Connection – They connect logic and emotion
  • Attention – They grab the attention with curiosity
  • Engagement – The engagement powerof narrative means they hold their attention
  • Tangibility – Stories make abstract concepts come alive
  • Memorability – Stories are more likely to be remembered
  • Repeatability – interesting stories get repeated which has others pass on your message

Storytelling for Leaders

Leaders need to be great storytellers because:

  • Stories articulate your vision better than any other means of communication
  • Stories frame your message in a way that makes you more influential
  • Stories are the least threatening way of telling them they are wrong
  • Stories articulate change in a way that it is most likely to be successful

Influencing Skills

The latest science on persuasion combined with leading-edge research on the art of influence provides a powerful program

Listening & Feedback Skills

Listening to really understand the other person is a skill that transforms your communication and provides you with a significant business edge.

“Your presentation was inspiring, light-hearted and filled with useful, easy to remember guidance on listening and communicating in an effective and memorable manner. Feedback from our staff has been very positive. We would highly recommend you to other groups and conferences.”
– Managing Director
On-Q Human Resources

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