Presentation Confidence

Presentation Confidence

  • Preparing & delivering a speech or presentation
  • Sales presentations
  • Presenting to Boards
  • Speaking ‘off-the-cuff’
  • Speaking to inform
  • Speaking persuasively
  • Presenting complex information

Gain confidence by mastering the three components of presentations:

Creating a Masterpiece…Every Time!

  • How to quickly write a presentation that is easy to deliver, great to listen to,HHo and most likely to be remembered – 5 techniques used by the greats.

Vocal Power

  • How to sound ten times more confident than you feel – 3 ways you can instantly improve your vocal delivery.

Mastering Your Visual Message

  • Everything they see contributes to the message they take away – how to have complete control over it – body language, projected images (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc) and everything else.


Kevin Ryan has been coaching people to speak confidently for over 20 years. His clients include business and community leaders, professional speakers, elite athletes, senior bureaucrats, finance, legal, scientific, engineering and medical professionals, managers, sales staff, academics and students. As a working professional speaker in Australasia and throughout Asia, he is acutely aware of what it takes to engage today’s audiences and he incorporate the latest trends.

“The course was an outstanding success. Your speaking skills session was given a 97% rating by participants.”
– Director
Qld Rural Industry Training Council

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