Kevin developed the TILT System which focuses on maximising sales relationships. It is a new system based on the principle that increased customer knowledge has created a buyer’s market.

  • Selling Value – Not Price
  • Maximising the client relationship
  • Sales in Customer Service

The TILT method will show how to –

  • Build trust quickly
  • Fast-track a business relationship
  • Put yourself in a position of influence
  • Create and apply leverage
  • Identify a client’s buying triggers

TILT! Techniques are applicable by everyone in sales –

  • from front-line sales staff dealing with high-turnover clientele
  • to those who have long-term relationships with repeat clients
  • to those who have to pitch to a group for ‘big-ticket’ sales.
“This sales training workshop was very successful because of Kevin’s great sales experience and because he is a great communicator who continuously updates his training material. Kevin managed to get everyone thinking and engaged in the course and inspired the sales team to action several topics we went through during the workshop. Everyone who attended the course made very good comments about the workshop and I would definitely use Kevin services again if the opportunity arises.”
– National Sales Manager
B. Braun

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