Humour Intelligence

Humour Intelligence

How to use humour intelligently in business. Intelligent use of humour can –

  • Quickly create connection and build rapport
  • Help establish a trusting relationship
  • Make you more influential and persuasive
  • Focus attention on key benefits
  • Improve recall of key points
  • Be used as a non-threatening way of challenging incorrect assumptions

This program is based on the principle that humour applied appropriately in business will benefit many areas-

  • Customer service & customer relations
  • Brand recognition
  • Client loyalty
  • Sales results
  • Profit margins
  • Staff retention

Find out…

  • How humour can make your business unique, memorable and more profitable
  • How humour turns your customers into advocates
  • How fun at work can improve staff communication, loyalty and creativity
  • Understanding your own sense of humour and what humour works for you
  • The difference between being a comedian and using humour in customer relations
  • Using humour to overcome obstacles or shortfalls in other areas
  • Guidelines for the safe use of fun at work
“It was awesome. Kevin Ryan’s presentation was great – very entertaining and informative. Enthusiastic and a pleasure to listen to. I particularly liked his handy hints and the tips that he gave us to take away.”
– Convenor
BCC Leadership Alumni

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